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feeling so bohemian like you

holding me up.

6 May 1988
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I'm a 20-something living in Sin City, and nothing about me would reveal this if I didn't say so. My ideal job would be a cross between Jane Goodall and Indiana Jones. Knowledge is my only vice; I'm addicted to it and will be the first to admit that I can be annoying when using my knowledge of useless information. I've rediscovered writing, especially poetry; there's a sense of relief I've felt to know I still possess the ability to string words together poetically. I know secrets, my own and other's, but have never told them; somethings are better left unsaid. Missing people comes naturally to me and I've known many people worth missing. I knew everything I ever needed to know about my first love the first time he held my hand; it was simple, comfortable, and infinite all at the same time. When I'm stressed out, I get this little dimple above my right eyebrow which my family knows as my tell; though they don't need it because I wear my emotions on my sleeve. When I'm bored, my secret favorite thing to do is brush my teeth; if you're ever talking to me online, there's a 75% chance a toothbrush is in my mouth. I adore overcast weather, but live in a place that rarely sees it; rainy seconds in Vegas make me unbearably happy. When I retire, I plan on buying a Tuscan villa and owning all the kinds of animals I've ever wanted. I've been known to make witty comments at unexpected moments. I dream of being graceful; but in reality, I'm clumsy, but learning grace. I prefer tulips, hydrangeas, and tiger lilies to any other flowers, but still have a love of things that grow. I'm a well-known bookworm; my goal since I was 5 was to have a library like Beast gave Belle in Beauty and the Beast. My soul is that of a person four times my age. I dance like a dork on purpose and would be surprised if I could dance any differently. I think way too much; at times, it can be crippling. I've never been the girl who gets hit on by guys; everyone I've dated, I've known as a friend first. Autumn is my favorite season; it inspires me. I'm extremely indecisive, but I'm working on it. I'm a good listener, so it's no surprise that nearly all my friends and family are huge talkers; I'll admit, that I've been known to talk your ear off. I've never known any other way to love someone than unconditionally; though I've been loved in extremely conditional ways. It's no secret that I'm almost as liberal as they come; I have a tendency to stick up for the little guy or bet on the long-shot. I feel a unique bond to animals and haven't been able to eat meat since I was a senior in high school. My conscience is bigger than most people's; and though I don't affiliate myself with any one religion, I'm as moral as anyone who is. Music affects me strongly, but I have no musical talents; I've taken lessons in guitar, violin, clarinet, and piano, and no special talents arose. I may have been a beatnik in another life. I used to think I wasn't really full of surprises; now I even surprise myself.
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